V1 Launch is this Wednesday — to the moon 🚀

Oh yes - it's time. Announcing V1's next in-person event.

Hey V1! Our in-person launch is this upcoming Wednesday, September 22nd, @ 8:30 PM in Ross R2240 🌟

9 months ago we launched the V1 Discord to bring Michigan’s ambitious student builders together virtually.

Two weeks ago, we brought everyone together in person for the first time.

Now, it’s time to get down to business and start building.

This Wednesday, join us for our first official V1 Event. Whether you’re new to the start-up scene or a seasoned student entrepreneur, there will be something for you.

In Maker Monday fashion, we’ll host a mini event where the founders of Pryve and Mini Monkey Mafia (NFT drop with THOUSANDS in $$ sales $$) will take you behind the scenes on their journey! They'll drop their tips, advice, and strategies they learned while building a social media platform and online NFT collectible series 🔥

You’ll also have a chance to hear from this summer’s product studio members on what they built and get the inside scoop on how to apply for our fall cohort! 👀

We’ll also have fun social activities mixed in throughout the event!

TLDR: Wednesday’s event is your chance to dive deep into the start-up ecosystem learn more on the latest trends in the industry, and meet fellow students interested in entrepreneurship.

We'll be wrapping up with a Q&A session, so make sure to come and get your questions answered as well 😇 Can't wait to see everyone!

This event is open to all V1 members. If you’re on our email list, you also received an email invite. See you there.

Join Contrary Capital as a Venture Partner at Michigan

A dive into one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurial students at Michigan + a recap of V1's kickoff event. 🔥

We’re starting off this edition with a special opportunity.

Backed by founders from Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, and many others, Contrary is a venture fund that identifies the world’s top engineers, designers, and product minds emerging from universities, connects them with a close-knit, career-long support community, and invests in companies they start or join.

Learn more about becoming a venture partner at the University of Michigan ⚡ 

I’m Samay, one of the founders of V1 — and I’m also a Venture Partner at Contrary. If you’re excited by the idea of meeting smart founders, joining a world-class network of young professionals, and delving into the startup space, you should apply to Contrary.

Contrary has been the highlight of my college experience. I’ve met some of my closest friends, learned a ton about emerging startups and venture capital, and have helped grow the entrepreneurship scene at Michigan.

Now, we’re looking for the next generation of venture partners from Michigan. You can be from any major or school (undergraduate or graduate). Here’s a look at last year’s class of venture partners.

Interested? Learn more here.

Make sure to sign up for the Michigan Pod meet and greet! It’ll be in-person and you’ll be able to meet the Michigan pod directly!

  1. Virtual National Info Session & Application: Tuesday, September 7th at 5 pm PT/8pm ET: https://contrarycap.com/join

  2. IN PERSON: Michigan Pod Meet & Greet Signup: Wednesday, September 8th at 8 PM ET: 

    Attend the Michigan Pod Meet & Greet

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Samay at samay@umich.edu.

V1 Kickoff Recap 🚀

Kickoff was an absolute blast. Thank you to all who came out.

Special shoutouts to Drew, Christine, Varun, Dheera, Divya for event logistics and Noah for taking some fire photos.

We got to meet so many of you, mix with fellow student entrepreneurs, and enjoy an evening of snacks, drinks, and games 😊 Thanks to MProduct, Contrary, StartUM & SEPi for their amazing effort in co-hosting the event.

As the community for ambitious student builders at UM, we were impressed by the breadth and depth of our community. If you're new to the technology, business, or startup world, this was a great time to get your questions answered and meet like-minded peers. We're super excited to see how you can connect and come up with amazing products as we host more events & activities in the semester! ⚡️

Opportunities 🔍

Software Engineer Intern @ Zage: Credit card payments still run through phone lines and require between 7-10 middlemen to process every single transaction. These legacy systems enrich the big banks and card networks at the expense of consumers and merchants, resulting in $29B in annual credit card fraud and exorbitant fees for merchants, just to name a few problems.

Zage is a trailblazer in Fintech’s long overdue streamlining process. They're building APIs that enable online merchants to process payments at the lowest fees, fastest processing times, and with no risk at all. Their infrastructure cuts out every single middleman and runs within the confines of regulations in the US.

If you're a full-stack and crypto developer interested in getting a ton of ownership, opportunities to wear many hats, and a competitive salary, make sure to apply here. Feel free to reach to @nate in the Discord or his friend Kelvin Yu, a founding-engineer, for more details!

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V1 Fall Kickoff is this Thursday at 6PM — see you there. ⚡

V1 and entrepreneurial organizations across the University of Michigan are coming together to host an evening of fun.

TLDR: V1 is going from URL -> IRL!

Join us for our first ever in-person event this Thursday, September 2nd from 6-8 PM at Palmer Field. 🔥


Over the past 9 months, we launched the V1 online community to bring Michigan’s ambitious student builders together. In the past, we’ve had speakers like the founder of Morning Brew, the president of Y Combinator, employees at unicorn startups, and more.

We’ve also hosted intimate Maker Monday sessions where Wander, Slide, and other student run startups received feedback from the V1 community.

Now, we’re doubling down on our promise to continue to bring together the most ambitious student builders at the University of Michigan.

To kick the school year off, we are collaborating with some of Michigan’s premier students orgs including Shift, GEECS, StartUM, Contrary, MProduct, and SEPi to host our Fall Kickoff!

Join us this Thursday, September 2nd from 6-8 PM at Palmer Field for snacks, drinks, backyard games and the chance to meet Michigan’s top student builders.

You must RSVP to attend. Please do so at the link above. This event is open to all students at the University of Michigan.

🎉Get excited for V1's First-ever Kickoff!

Come meet some of the most motivated technology entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan and learn more about our team and plans for next semester 💫

If you have any suggestions on what we should cover or general feedback, let us know at team@v1michigan.com. But for now, let's go! 🚀


We're hosting our Fall kickoff for V1 on Thursday, September 2nd @ 7PM!! 🔥 The event location is TBD soon 😇.

We launched our newsletter and Discord channel earlier in January and are so proud of how we've grown over the year 🌟. If you're interested in reaching out and meeting students, interns, or recents grads, then def join us. Come for snacks, drinks and games & feel free to bring a friend!

Make sure to sign up here!


Demo Day Recap ⚡️

Last Tuesday, our Summer Cohort at V1's Product Studio presented four amazing products that they had been working on since May! Show your support by checking out their work and signing up 😊

  1. Feedbee: Newsletter Analytics!

  2. Rally: Your Accountability Buddy

  3. College Chats: Connecting Students with Colleges.

  4. DeCode: Bringing you the best SWE internship opportunities beyond Big Tech.

Stay tuned for information on Product Studio's Fall Cohort next week 👀

Opportunities 🔍

SWE Engineer @ Glint Solar: are you interested deploying innovative technology to optimize and simplify the existing solar site analysis process? Curious about how you can provide new ways to gain fast and reliable insights? Then def check out Glint Solar, a platform for accelerating the adoption of floating solar energy across the globe ☀️. Through satellite data and machine learning, they are looking to offer a unique way to identify and analyze project sites for solar developers, solution providers, technical advisors and others around the world.

Make sure to reach out to @elliot on Discord if this sounds interesting to you & check out their Linkedin for more info!

Digital Marketing Intern @ Wanderu: are you an Excel nerd? If you're comfortable with data and analytics then make sure to check out this opp!

Requirements include:

  • Write copy for paid search marketing efforts

  • Build and expand new keyword lists for Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Launch campaigns on social media for building awareness and driving website conversions

  • Execute strategies focused on increasing downloads of the Wanderu app

  • Analyze performance of paid media efforts and optimize campaigns to reach ROI targets

  • Create and interpret reports on website performance

If you're able to commit 10-15 hours per week, majoring in Marketing, Business, Economics, Statistics or a related area & have at least a 3.0 GPA then you maybe a great fit! Make sure to send your resume along with any additional requirements listed to jobs@wanderu.com 🌟

Top Tweets of the Week 🐥

This is the only correct way to respond to your embarrassing past tweets

For all the SWEs out there

  1. Spoiler Alert: It involved super-easy tasks such as angel investing in billion dollar companies

  2. An interesting read

Feedbee Trivia 🐝

We promised answers on our last newsletter, so here y'all go:

How many people do you think read the V1 newsletter? ~700 🤯

*🔈Shoutout: this survey was brought to you by FeedBee in our last newsletter!

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Divya ReddyAdvait Iyer, Dheera Vuppala

Demo Day is upon us ⚡

Yep, it's that time of year. Come join us this Tuesday at 9 PM ET to see what some of the most talented builders at the University of Michigan have been working on.

Four months ago, we said it was time to build.

And you listened. This Tuesday, it’s time for Demo Day!


When we launched V1 Product Studio, we had no idea it would culminate into what we’ve got today — four amazing teams working on four completely different products. Keep reading for a sneak peek into the four products :)

  1. FeedBee — newsletter analytics

  2. Rally - social accountability

    In limited beta — sign up for the launch at https://rallyyy.com!

  1. College Chats - connecting high school students and colleges

  1. DeCode - internship search platform!

What are you waiting for?

RSVP for Demo Day here: https://lu.ma/demo-day

We want to try something new — we know how many people read this newsletter, but are curious if you all do. 👀

How many people do you think read the V1 newsletter?

Click on the number you’d like to select!

100 people | 200 people | 350 people | 700 people | 1500 people

Stay tuned for answers in the next newsletter 👀

*This survey brought to you by FeedBee. If you want to learn more, come watch them present @ Demo Day!

Top Tweets of The Week 🐥

Some very useful advice in this thread.

I definitely had not bookmarked this thread to read later. Nope.

A great read.

This wouldn’t be a proper V1 Newsletter without curated opportunities

Opportunities 🔍

Product Engineer at Education Context 📚

Education Context is an edTech company working with the University of Michigan and the National Science Foundation to build tools across a variety of verticals within the education sector starting with search engines for lecture recordings and AI-generated study guides for classes.

As a product engineer, you’ll be in charge of building the core experience and user-facing platform. You won't just implement specifications, but instead, get to be part of the product development cycle and conceive entire features before developing.

If you’re interested email samson@umich.edu and (CC) yashmr@umich.edu.

iOS Developer or Designer at Consumer Fintech App backed by Pear VC

Sameer is building a consumer fintech app and looking for talented iOS devs and designers. 

Part time role, students/new grads welcome. AND if you refer a friend and they get hired, Sameer will Venmo you $250. 

DM Sameer on Twitter for deets. 

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AWS Acquires Encrypted Messaging Service Wickr

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