Oh yes - it's time. Announcing V1's next in-person event.
A dive into one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurial students at Michigan + a recap of V1's kickoff event. 🔥
V1 and entrepreneurial organizations across the University of Michigan are coming together to host an evening of fun.
Come meet some of the most motivated technology entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan and learn more about our team and plans for next semester 💫
Yep, it's that time of year. Come join us this Tuesday at 9 PM ET to see what some of the most talented builders at the University of Michigan have bee…
Plus get a peek into what's been on our summer reading list!
Check out our Maker Monday event, summer opportunities & Top Tweets!
and we dive into the SPAC Boom!
Meet our new leadership team, get involved & Maker Mondays are back 🥳
An initiative for Michigan students to cultivate the builder’s mindset by building impactful software products.
Two Fireside Chats tomorrow, May 6th + a primer on The Fourth Industrial Revolution ⚡
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