Crypto Curious? Meet Mobius! ($42M+ DeFi exchange)

Come out to hear from the creator of Mobius this Wednesday at 8 pm & learn about how you can apply to the Product Studio.

It was great seeing everyone at V1’s Launch Event! We had a fantastic time seeing you all and couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year!

If you enjoyed our discussion with the creators of Mini Monkey Mafia at the Launch event, then the party’s not over yet! We’re keeping with the blockchain theme at our upcoming event this Wednesday!

V1 is hosting one of the hottest decentralized apps: Mobius, October 11th from 8-8:45 pm 🤑 💰

Join V1 as we explore Mobius, a cross-chain decentralized exchange with over $42 Million locked on the platform. Don’t understand what that means? Don’t worry! We will teach you everything you need to know about decentralized exchange and how you can attack this rapidly growing market.

V1 Member ​​Robert Leifke will be sharing his experience developing a decentralized exchange.

If you’re receiving this newsletter, you will also receive a calendar invite. This event is in person and the location will be on the calendar invite.

AND If you needed another reason to come out to Wednesday’s event, we will officially be launching Product Studio F’21 Applications then as well!


Want to know how where your skills lie in trending tech? The def make it to Trends In Tech w/ Brian Moore on Thursday, October 14th. As co-founder & CTO of U-M Spinoff Voxel51, a machine learning tool that focused on improving visual dataset analysis, Brian’s got some great advice and tips to help you understand and get the best opportunities!

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