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Come meet some of the most motivated technology entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan and learn more about our team and plans for next semester 💫

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We're hosting our Fall kickoff for V1 on Thursday, September 2nd @ 7PM!! 🔥 The event location is TBD soon 😇.

We launched our newsletter and Discord channel earlier in January and are so proud of how we've grown over the year 🌟. If you're interested in reaching out and meeting students, interns, or recents grads, then def join us. Come for snacks, drinks and games & feel free to bring a friend!

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Demo Day Recap ⚡️

Last Tuesday, our Summer Cohort at V1's Product Studio presented four amazing products that they had been working on since May! Show your support by checking out their work and signing up 😊

  1. Feedbee: Newsletter Analytics!

  2. Rally: Your Accountability Buddy

  3. College Chats: Connecting Students with Colleges.

  4. DeCode: Bringing you the best SWE internship opportunities beyond Big Tech.

Stay tuned for information on Product Studio's Fall Cohort next week 👀

Opportunities 🔍

SWE Engineer @ Glint Solar: are you interested deploying innovative technology to optimize and simplify the existing solar site analysis process? Curious about how you can provide new ways to gain fast and reliable insights? Then def check out Glint Solar, a platform for accelerating the adoption of floating solar energy across the globe ☀️. Through satellite data and machine learning, they are looking to offer a unique way to identify and analyze project sites for solar developers, solution providers, technical advisors and others around the world.

Make sure to reach out to @elliot on Discord if this sounds interesting to you & check out their Linkedin for more info!

Digital Marketing Intern @ Wanderu: are you an Excel nerd? If you're comfortable with data and analytics then make sure to check out this opp!

Requirements include:

  • Write copy for paid search marketing efforts

  • Build and expand new keyword lists for Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Launch campaigns on social media for building awareness and driving website conversions

  • Execute strategies focused on increasing downloads of the Wanderu app

  • Analyze performance of paid media efforts and optimize campaigns to reach ROI targets

  • Create and interpret reports on website performance

If you're able to commit 10-15 hours per week, majoring in Marketing, Business, Economics, Statistics or a related area & have at least a 3.0 GPA then you maybe a great fit! Make sure to send your resume along with any additional requirements listed to jobs@wanderu.com 🌟

Top Tweets of the Week 🐥

This is the only correct way to respond to your embarrassing past tweets

For all the SWEs out there

  1. Spoiler Alert: It involved super-easy tasks such as angel investing in billion dollar companies

  2. An interesting read

Feedbee Trivia 🐝

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