Product Studio Applications are Officially Open!

Apply for our Fall Cohort by October 19th, 11:59 pm EST!

WE’RE BACK: V1 Product Studio Applications are now open - it’s time to build! 🚀

Don’t miss out on your chance to join a cohort of Michigan’s top student builders to create meaningful software products with real users.


We are primarily on the lookout for engineers and designers but if you know there’s another way you can contribute to a team, apply!

The application consists of a few basic questions and a fun challenge to show off your skills! All together, it shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 hours!

Applications are due Tuesday, October 19th, at 11:59 pm EDT at the end of fall break. So hit that apply button above!

You can also head to to learn more about studio and access the application.

Keep Reading to find out more about how Studio will look this semester and for a look into products that our previous cohort created!

Here’s a timeline for Studio!

Check out products that the previous cohort created and get an idea for the type of products that you can build! 🤩

  1. Feedbee: Newsletter Analytics!

  2. Rally: Your Accountability Buddy

  3. College Chats: Connecting Students with Colleges.

  4. DeCode: Bringing you the best SWE internship opportunities beyond Big Tech.

Learn more at If you have any questions reach out to

If you know anybody who might be a great fit for Studio, we’d love if you could forward this opportunity to them.

We look forward to reading your applications!