Reminder: Studio Apps are due tonight!

If you need an extension, email or just @team in Discord!

Reminder that Studio Apps are due tonight at 11:59 pm EST!

If you need an extension, please email

V1 Product Studio is where the top emerging Michigan talent comes to build amazing software products!

We've seen amazing student-run companies such as Michigan Monkey Mafia, Mobius, and others. This is an opportunity to join the community of Michigan builders and spark the growth of your own product!

Apply Now!

Collaborate with Michigan's finest designers and engineers, come up with hypotheses, then launch products over the course of 1 semester.

Curious about the type of products you could build? Here’s a quick description of last semester’s products!

Decode: Finding the best SWE internships beyond Big Tech is difficult. Team Decode (Christine Gu, Raghav Bhat, Alex Gu, and Dheera Vuppala) built a platform to find startup SWE roles and bring you clarity to the recruiting process.

Rally: We all struggle with staying accountable — Rally was created to change that. Izzy Poquiz, Ryan O’Connor, Pranavi Pratapa, and Samay Shamdasani designed & built a web app to instantly track our goals. As your accountability buddy, Rally grew and was used by several active users (and even better, this was built in just two months!) You can check it out here.

FeedBee: The Latest Buzz on your Newsletter! FeedBee provides Newsletter Writers with detailed analytics. “Over the course of two months, we talked to car dealers, newsletter writers, and more to test our hypotheses. We ended up choosing newsletter writers as the segment we wanted to build for and from there we were off to the races!” - The FeedBee Team.

The best part is the FeedBee Team is still working on their product! Your experience with Studio doesn’t have to end once the semester is over.

CollegeChats: Connecting high school and college students to help high schoolers find their dream college.

Not convinced yet? Hear what Last Semester’s Studio Members had to say about their experience:

“Throughout the cohort, I came in with little knowledge of building a product. By connecting with passionate students in business, computer science, and design, I developed the skills to create Feedbee, a product that made a visible impact on the success of newsletter writers!“ - Jon Alpert

“Studio gave me the opportunity to exercise my design skills in a practical and fun way while helping me gain experience in building a product from the ground up. I loved getting to work with a diverse team and learn from their respective backgrounds in engineering and PM along the way as well!“ - Izzy

“I met such a strong group of like-minded people through V1. Whether it was building a platform to help software engineering students find startup opportunities or developing projects on the blockchain, V1 fostered a space for the most driven individuals to come together at Michigan and build something great for their communities” - Christine

Members who met in studio are still working on separate products with hundreds of users! The best thing about V1 is the people you get to meet - lifelong friends and collaborators!

Here’s the bottom line: If you’ve been looking for a way to build cool products with even cooler people at Michigan, then don’t miss your chance to apply to Studio!

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