V1 Fall Kickoff is this Thursday at 6PM — see you there. ⚡

V1 and entrepreneurial organizations across the University of Michigan are coming together to host an evening of fun.

TLDR: V1 is going from URL -> IRL!

Join us for our first ever in-person event this Thursday, September 2nd from 6-8 PM at Palmer Field. 🔥


Over the past 9 months, we launched the V1 online community to bring Michigan’s ambitious student builders together. In the past, we’ve had speakers like the founder of Morning Brew, the president of Y Combinator, employees at unicorn startups, and more.

We’ve also hosted intimate Maker Monday sessions where Wander, Slide, and other student run startups received feedback from the V1 community.

Now, we’re doubling down on our promise to continue to bring together the most ambitious student builders at the University of Michigan.

To kick the school year off, we are collaborating with some of Michigan’s premier students orgs including Shift, GEECS, StartUM, Contrary, MProduct, and SEPi to host our Fall Kickoff!

Join us this Thursday, September 2nd from 6-8 PM at Palmer Field for snacks, drinks, backyard games and the chance to meet Michigan’s top student builders.

You must RSVP to attend. Please do so at the link above. This event is open to all students at the University of Michigan.