V1 Launch is this Wednesday — to the moon 🚀

Oh yes - it's time. Announcing V1's next in-person event.

Hey V1! Our in-person launch is this upcoming Wednesday, September 22nd, @ 8:30 PM in Ross R2240 🌟

9 months ago we launched the V1 Discord to bring Michigan’s ambitious student builders together virtually.

Two weeks ago, we brought everyone together in person for the first time.

Now, it’s time to get down to business and start building.

This Wednesday, join us for our first official V1 Event. Whether you’re new to the start-up scene or a seasoned student entrepreneur, there will be something for you.

In Maker Monday fashion, we’ll host a mini event where the founders of Pryve and Mini Monkey Mafia (NFT drop with THOUSANDS in $$ sales $$) will take you behind the scenes on their journey! They'll drop their tips, advice, and strategies they learned while building a social media platform and online NFT collectible series 🔥

You’ll also have a chance to hear from this summer’s product studio members on what they built and get the inside scoop on how to apply for our fall cohort! 👀

We’ll also have fun social activities mixed in throughout the event!

TLDR: Wednesday’s event is your chance to dive deep into the start-up ecosystem learn more on the latest trends in the industry, and meet fellow students interested in entrepreneurship.

We'll be wrapping up with a Q&A session, so make sure to come and get your questions answered as well 😇 Can't wait to see everyone!

This event is open to all V1 members. If you’re on our email list, you also received an email invite. See you there.