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Two Fireside Chats tomorrow, May 6th + a primer on The Fourth Industrial Revolution ⚡

Ann Arbor, NYC, SF, & more!

Finals are over, vaccines are flowing and summer is in full swing! We are BEYOND excited for everything we have planned for this summer.

Most importantly, we want to meet and hang out with all of you! Now that we're all getting our vaccines, we've been thinking about hosting in-person meetups! If you're interested, fill out this form NOW :)

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Upcoming Events

Fireside Chat w/ Ali Partovi, Founder of Neo at 8 PM EST on Thursday, May 6th!

Ali Partovi will be giving a talk on “How to Prepare to Start a Company One Day” followed by audience Q&A so don't miss out if you want to hear from a seasoned start up veteran who's invested in Dropbox, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Ramp, Lumos, Scale, Vanta, and more!

Fireside Chat with Vanta CEO Christina Cacioppo, hosted by Contrary

Vanta automates security and compliance, starting with SOC 2, to protect customer data and build trust in internet businesses. Join a fireside chat with CEO Christina Cacioppo to learn about starting and growing Vanta. Hosted by Contrary Capital.

Vanta just raised a $50M Series A from Sequoia and is currently at $10M ARR. If you’re interested in building or working at an enterprise startup, you won’t want to miss this!

Beneath the Hype

Throughout our academic life, we have learned about the periods of rapid technological transformation and progress. The first Industrial Revolution was catalyzed by the steam engine, the second by electricity, and the third by software and technology infrastructure. But today, we are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will be marked by internet ubiquity and the connectedness of multiple devices with each other.

Core technologies driving this exciting transformation include the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G to name a few. And guess what? We have already covered all the topics from this non-exhaustive list! New research will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and make seismic disruptions in various industries like healthcare (CRISPR and gene editing), transportation (autonomous vehicles), and consumer electronics. A convergence of all of these factors will lead to an emergence in smart cities, thereby improving standards of living.

With the whole world being available to our fingertips, the velocity, scope, and impact of technological progress will be enormous, making technology literacy more important than ever. We hope that you have enjoyed all of our short takes on emerging and established technologies, and we plan to engage with you through more content in the future!

What We’re Reading 🧠

The Creator’s Dilemma

What’s a SOC-2 Certification? (timely read in prep for tomorrow’s fireside chat with Christina!

The Death of the Middle

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