WE'RE LIVE! Announcing V1 Product Studio — It’s Time to Build

An initiative for Michigan students to cultivate the builder’s mindset by building impactful software products.

TLDR: Applications for Product Studio due Wednesday, May 19th at 11:59 PM EST!

Mass Meeting Info Session, Sunday May 16th at 6 pm EST! Sign up on our website to stay updated.

You asked, we delivered. Announcing Michigan’s one-of-a-kind product studio! 🚀

The V1 Product Studio brings together the top 15 student builders at Michigan to create impactful products over the course of 10 weeks. 

Not sure if this is for you? If you’re reading this email, then it is!

Keep reading to learn more. 

Here are the facts. 💯

  1. We know that the University of Michigan is home to the best student builders across the country. (Student builders are engineers, designers, business/product folks…anyone who’s ambitious!)

  2. We also know student builders have created this generation’s most impactful software products like Doordash, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, and more. 

But, before Facebook or Doordash were startups with elaborate business plans they were simply just fun products built to solve a pain point. 

That’s why at V1, we’re taking an innovative approach to enabling the best student builders to create world-class products. 

Join us for a 10 week sprint to build products that reach real users.

Ditch the business plan and the lectures. 

We’re the opposite of every entrepreneurship initiative you’ve seen.

Here’s our game plan:

  1. Ideate & spec a product with your team

  2. Create an MVP (minimum viable product)

  3. Beta test & iterate

  4. Launch on Product Hunt and other marketing channels

We’ll also have several workshops and Michigan’s top student alumni at the fastest growing startups like Lumos to top tech companies like Google as mentors.

More questions? Want to meet the team behind Product Studio? Come out to our mass meeting Sunday, May 16th at 6 pm! You’ll receive a calendar invite once you sign up on our website.

Limited spots available - the sooner you apply, the better! 

What are you waiting for? Apps are due Wednesday, May 19th!


If you aren’t already hype, please read IT’S TIME TO BUILD. We can’t wait to read your apps!

P.S. - A closing note…

Nothing like this exists at Michigan. Imagine creating a product (like this) in a few weeks with a few friends, launching it on Product Hunt/Reddit/Facebook, and waking up to see hundreds of people using your product. That’s an incredible feeling. We’re here to show you exactly how to do that. You’ll join a team, work together to create a comprehensive specification, build a MVP, iterate, and create something valuable — out of nothing. Now, that’s the real deal.

We look forward to you applying! 🚀